Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Happy Winter Solstice....

winter2010-11 060

I am looking forward to celebrating the return of the sun with some good friends tonight who are coming over for dinner and drinks, and to walk down a popular street in our neighborhood called "Peacock Lane" where every house on the street is decorated with lights. Hoping it won't be pouring tonight!
Did anyone see the lunar eclipse? It was cloudy here(shocking, I know).
Hoping that your longest night of the year is filled with light and love!


Mama Gone Green said...

Excited for tonight. If the rain can hold off and the wind can die down, it will be perfect!

Tessa said...

Oh, I wish I was coming tonight!
We didn't see the eclipse either. It was cloudy here, which is a bit surprising.
More surprising is that we have so much rain and NO snow. WHAT?!
Happy Solstice. Here's to hoping the light in us returns with the sun. xox

Mama Ash Grove said...

A Happy Winter Solstice to you!