Monday, July 26, 2010

A Mother and an Artist...

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I wanted to share the documentary Who Does She Think She is? because it is exactly what I have been thinking about now for several months. Can I be an artist and a mother without being seen as selfish, would my work ever been taken seriously because I am a mama? I remember feeling a certain vibe from a few of my professors in art school,I felt that they didn't take me seriously, maybe I didn't take myself seriously enough. It seems in general, in order to be a successful working artist you need to be completely absorbed in your art and how can you do that when you are a mother to small children. Aren't we as women taught that all good mothers put their kids above all other things? I feel like I have abandoned my artist self since having my son after graduating art school. I was completely devoted and satisfied with taking care of my new baby and my daughter for several years after, but now that my son is getting a bit older and more independent I find myself restless.Like something is missing.
I have not yet seen the documentary. But I have watched the trailer many many times with tears streaming down my cheeks. I should just buy it. I am sure it would be a constant source of encouragement and motivation that I could return to over and over again. I already take inspiration from Tasha Tudors documentary called Take Joy. Tasha Tudor was an amazing woman, and incredibly creative,wonderful mother and a working artist. I can't even contemplate how she managed to do it all. She is my ultimate mentor and I wish I would have been able to write her a letter to let her know before she passed away a few years ago. But it can be done. A woman can be mother and an artist.right?

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Wintry said...

Of course you can be both!!