Wednesday, June 17, 2009


I have always liked all the snails around our yard... and I always felt sad for them when a slimy silver trail ended in a crushed shell on the sidewalk.....until this year. They have destroyed our garden! Back in late April I had a respectable looking row of carrots started, about an inch and a half high, and four healthy looking squash plants.I was thrilled to have an early start to the garden this year, but all my little plants are GONE! I have replanted the carrots(which seem to be their favorites) several times. I sucessfully replanted the squash but I have to cover them with buckets every night so the snails and their tiny slug buddies don't find them. I have tried the beer thing to drown them and purchased earth friendly Slug Stop to encricle my plants in toxic sludge colored goo. Nothing is stopping these guys. I have even taking it as far as going out to the garden in the middle of the night with a flashlight to pick(throw) them out myself. I think we may try the copper barrier around the garden but if that dosen't work I may have to give in. If you know of any snail/ slug stopping tricks(non-toxic) please leave a comment.

D0 you think they'll notice my sign?

Yeah he is cute can they eat!
Lucky for us they aren't too fond of our wierd little strawberries.
This one looks like a faerie slipper!

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