Monday, April 20, 2009

Mt.Hood Railroad trip

Well, unfortunately the Fruit Blossom Special was missing one thing............. the fruit blossoms!
Sigh. Kind of a bummer.Since the blossoms are at their peak now in Portland I was assuming they would be in full bloom. Well rumor has it, it will be another week or two before they bloom. Maybe I can talk Ben into going on a little road trip....sigh(hint....hint)before the show is over. It was amazingly beautiful weather and we had fun anyway:

Naked trees!!!!

Sollie are you on a choo choo train?

Hmm,I wonder what I am missing on Club Penguin?

Lets read a book Papa!

I was admiring the mountain in the window glass,but alas the real thing is much more to look at.

Something about Mt Hood makes me want to lick it.

Taking a stop in Parkdale for some music and ice cream.

We found a few blossom here. At least the magnolias are on time.

The Mountain didn't let us down.

yum!!....or as Sollie would say,"Moe"

A Family shot on the open observation car.

This shot makes me think of John Denver.


And end to a fine day. These unusual clouds greeted us back in Hood River.

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