Monday, January 13, 2014

Some recent crafty things

 My camera is dead,poor little thing.
 After three great years it has decided to call it quits. So I am left anxious and camera less at the moment until my replacement(30$bucks on Ebay!) gets here. I figure this would be a good time to go back into my photo archives and show, or show off I guess, some of my recent knitting and crafty projects.
Fist is a sweater I finished for Nalah back in November. The pattern is the Ribbed Baby Jacket by Debbie Bliss. I made one for Sollie back a few years ago too, you can see it here. It took me forever to get this on her and try and get a good photo in this dark winter lighting. They are pretty funny:

 Just after Thanksgiving I noticed a magazine while waiting in the checkout line and couldn't resist the cute mushroom ornaments on the cover. I just love all things mushroom! I don't splurge on magazines very often but this one was a good investment, so many cute ideas. I ended up making almost a dozen of the mushrooms ornaments for an ornament exchange, for a few friends, and my son's Kindergarten teachers. They were so quick and fun to make. I love little portable hand sewing projects I can work on anywhere. The birds were also in the magazine although I altered the pattern slightly by adding wings, they were gifts for friends but I hope to make one for us to keep on our tree next year.

Solomon asked for a yellow scarf for his Birthday, so sweet, how could I not? So I made a bright yellow scarf in seed stitch. I loved working with this yarn(Malabrigo chunky) so much. It was so bright and happy, a sunshine happy color for my sweet little guy. The color and stitch makes me think of a honeycomb or bright flowers and bumble bee's with pollen on their legs it also reminds me of way over buttered popcorn.  The purchase of this yarn was just as delightful as the yarn itself. I stopped by a local yarn shop in the morning when I was running quick errand by myself(this so rarely happens). The yarn shop has a resident poodle that looks like a tiny sheep with tight white curls of fur who loves to be held, so lucky me I got to carry him around while I shopped for yarn. It was pretty great. It is no secret I have been wanting a dog for the last 10 years and I have got to get my dog fix where ever I can. Now I can get my yarn fix and my dog fix at the same place! So fun!

I have one more finished knitting project but haven't taken photos of it yet so I will have to wait to share that one when my camera gets here.
What have you been making? I would love to see,please feel free to leave a link in the comments.

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