Friday, November 29, 2013

Feeling Thankful


  I hope you all had a lovely Thanksgiving holiday!
We threw together a last minute traditional Thanksgiving dinner with a trip to the farmers market on Wednesday to get a ton of seasonal root vegetables to make this. It was yummy and I don't think I have ever even had a rutabaga before. We also threw in some potatoes that Sollie grew in our garden! It was our super local,home grown and seasonal side dish. 



These are Sollie' home grown potatoes, he is especially fond of the tiny "snowman" potato, we didn't cook that one.

Ben looked super happy when he walked out of the bakery with this, however it looked way better that in tasted. We are going to try turning it into french toast.
 Being a vegetarian and living 3,000 miles from my extended family I am not really a huge fan of Thanksgiving and would rather just feast on Indian take out (we did this last year). But Thanksgiving is my Husband's favorite holiday and he arranged his work schedule so he could be home, so we did it his way this year. Although very last minute(we were grocery shopping at 10pm on Wednesday)it came together quite nicely.

 I was thankful that Ben worked through the weekend last week so he could take this week off to help with the kids so I could participate in a  holiday craft show at my son's school. It was a really nice change of pace for me, to get out of my house by myself for several hours. I sell my crafts mainly online I don't usually get to interact face to face with the people who purchase my goods. It was very nice to hear positive comments on my work. It was a lot of sitting around but I feel it was totally worth it. As a stay at home mom with out a regular paycheck it feels really good to contribute financially. The first day sales were a bit slow but the second day was a huge blessing for me. Each sale from HumbleLuna means a lot to my family and helps me provide Christmas gifts for my kids each year. Despite all the stress leading up to it, I feel it was a success and I hope I can participate again next year.
Here are some  crappy pictures of my booth:


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April said...

Glad you had an enjoyable thanksgiving :) We did as well, although Brad's family was here which can always be a bit overwhelming haha. Your booth looks great!

Ps: Wanted to write you back re night weaning. Ever since I got pregnant Hazel started nursing more than ever, probably trying to increase my dwindling supply. Over September and October it was literally every 2-3 hours some nights, at least every 4 (which previously she was every 4, which was somewhat tolerable as she would fall back asleep quickly). Anyways, long story short is it was sort of gradual in the fact that for a few weeks (while we were in Italy) I would offer cuddle or let her touch the milkies to see if she'd fall asleep. Sometimes it'd work, others not and in that case I'd just nurse her. A few weeks of doing that seemed to slow her night nursing down, but every so often there'd still be a rough night. So I did sort of pick a day and decided no nursing during certain hours - I talked to her about letting the milkies sleep, and wait until the sun was out to nurse. The first few days were hard - we got up with her a couple times each night, and I'd usually have to ergo her back to sleep as she cried or nurse her a bit earlier than I wanted (like 5 am vs 7). After night three she suddenly stopped fully waking up & would whine but settle if she could touch me and/or the milkies.

After that first week or so things got super easy, and she doesn't even need to touch anymore - she usually sleeps 9a-7:45 am without milk, and asked for it first thing in the am.

I was nursing her to sleep still up until this week - she's nursing after books still, but has suddenly started unlatching and just babbling/talking to sleep. It's taking WAY longer so far for her to fall asleep, and I still need to be with her or she gets upset, but it's great that she's becoming a bit more independent in the sleep realm (it was always SO hard for daddy if I was at work, gone, etc).

Sorry so long but wanted to tell you the whole story and tell you how worth it it's been! I just stuck to it the first few days and she seemed to just go with the flow, and seems much more rested during the day now. Good luck mama!