Sunday, November 3, 2013

Cheech and Chong, an evil wind up doll,spiderman, and an Octopus.

***Halloween 2013***












We had a great Halloween! Papa was in town and the kids got to go out trick or treating with their friends. Ben and I did our first couples costume after 14 years as a couple. I couldn't stop laughing at him, good thing I couldn't see myself, he he.
I found all the stuff for the Cheech and Chong and Spiderman costumes at the thrift store. I made Nalah's octopus skirt and hat, Sophie's skirt and her wind up crank(cardboard and metallic paint) and a heart eye patch that she forgot to wear. It wasn't too hard to get it all done, but after sewing several costume order for my Etsy shop, Nalah and Sophie's costumes were put off until the very last minutes.
Nalah had her first experience trick or treating this year. All the houses we went to required climbing at least one flight of stairs, but she never got tired or cranky. It was so stinking adorable to watch her walk up with her little bag, I just wonder what she was thinking.
The next morning after we dropped brother off at school she wanted to walk up to all the houses to get more candy, she was pretty upset when she found out the party was over. Poor buddy. She has already forgotten about the candy. The older kids, not so much.
You just have to see my little octopus in motion....

I hope you all had a fun time this year! I am already planning costumes to make for next year :)


April said...

Oh my! Love all of your costumes. It's decided - will you make a custom costume for my sweets next year? You're amazing!

Ps: I wish we lived closer, I totally want to be your friend ;)

Mama Gone Green said...

your tree pumpkin is crazy awesome!

Cassandra :D said...

Oh wow! I love the octopus costume and it looks so comfy for a little one to wear. Great idea!

witte's end studio said...

it's great seeing you guys all together and having fun. great costume, btw.