Thursday, July 1, 2010

Just a little note...and a half birthday to celebrate

When I posted my Illustration Sunday post last week I obviously forgot the fact that we would be yurt camping at the coast for 4 days and that I would not be here to post anything. Then we came home to a computer virus and the computer I use for editing and posting my photos is out sick for the moment. I hope to be back with photos tomorrow or even later today when it safe to put photos on it again. Storing precious pictures on a computer is a scary thing! Photos mean a lot to me, a whole lot.
I hope to share(way too many) pictures of or trip very soon, we had a wonderful time. I have to admit it is very hard to come back to city life and reality...I can't wait to retire with my airstream trailer on the so many good people do...they have the right idea in my book!
But hey, we have a half birthday to celebrate today! We can't miss that. I see cupcakes in our future!
See you soon!


Wintry said...

Happy half-birthday to Sollie!! Glad your trip was wonderful!!

Mama Gone Green said...

Sollie is 2 1/2! Woo-hoo!