Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Floating on Trillium Lake

 Notice the heart cloud above Mt Hood?

 These photos are from a late summer trip to Trillium Lake to take the boat out. I just don't feel like summer can end until we take our boat out at least once. This was the weekend before Labor Day weekend and it was still so crowded! In the photo above with the kids you can see all the people crammed along the shore. I like to go out in nature get away from the crowds and the city so it was a little annoying. At one point there was a lady in a mermaid tail riding a giant inflatable swan out in the middle of the lake. It was pretty funny, although I am looking forward to the "off" season and to finding a little more quiet. I am a nature hoarder I guess.

Oh, and p.s. My photo of Little Crater Lake from the previous post made it as a finalist for an Oregon Live Photo contest! I will find out tomorrow 9/11/14 if I win or not. Yippie! Oh and if you want to see it(or vote to help me win) here is the link. My photo is entitled, "A jewel in the mountains".

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Mama Gone Green said...

boating looks like so much fun-- I always wish we had a boat.
You are ruling the photo contest-- way to go!! what will you win?