Thursday, September 4, 2014

A Summer Beach Trip

Okay, I am back. Here to bore you with more photos of our summer "trapped"in Oregon. 
I just entered one of my Little Crater Lake photos from the previous post into a photo contest last night so, wish me luck!
Here are some fun pictures from a weekend down in Newport,Oregon.

We spotted the Weinermobile!

Drove a pirate ship.

 Went down this slide a million times.

Ben finally built me the house of my dreams....and right on the beach. ;)
We played on the beach in the sand where a little creek came out to meet the ocean. The creek water was so warm the kids had a blast playing in it and I didn't have to worry about waves carrying them out to sea. 

Also, when you have a creek meeting the ocean you also have a good rock hunting spot. I found a ton of fossils that day. I finally had to throw out my old Minnetonkas after wearing them in the ocean and then shrinking them in the hot sun. It is okay, they were worn through and beyond rotten carcasses at that point.

We  also did a lot of sunset kite flying.

 It was a nice little trip. I prefer the off season so I don't have to share the beach combing with as many people. I dream of some day getting an Airstream and retiring along the coast, beach camping and rock hunting all day long. Fingers crossed.

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