Monday, July 29, 2013

Goobie got bangs!


 After dealing with hair in her eyes constantly and trying to catch her long enough to giver her a ponytail or endlessly remaking hair clips that she rips out and throws as soon as I put them in,I can finally see her sweet little face and I have been giggling ever since, what a doll. Now she looks like she is 15 and she gets away with lots of naughty stuff cause she is our baby and is so dang cute. 
I cut them myself which was terrifying for many reasons, they are less than perfect but she can pull it off for sure.
I have to get a picture of her hair from the back, this is an epic mullet. I should find a baby picture of Sophie's and we can have a  sister mullet contest. If only I had more time for things like that.
I LOVE her!

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Cassandra :D said...

Love the bangs! She's so cute and they make her look much older.