Sunday, May 13, 2012

Playing in the mist...






 Mother's Day was beautiful and hot so we decided to head out along the Old Columbia River Highway for a little hike out near the waterfalls. We were not the only people with the same idea as it was quite crowded with Mamas young and old enjoying the day with their families. We planned to go on a longer hike but Sollie was just not in the right hiking mood to put it mildly so we found a shorter hike that ended in a misty waterfall. It was a relief to have Papa around to help manage our little tribe for the day.It was a nice little break in my week. :)


April said...

Looks beautiful! We actually had a very similar day :)

Megan said...

looks perfect. my husband never comes hiking with us (hes always working). i bet that is nice :-)

embracingitall said...

What gorgeous photos! Jacinta

house full of jays said...

These photos are incredible. I'm glad you had such a beautiful day on Sunday!