Saturday, December 18, 2010

On the mend......

winter2010-11 036

Well, my entire family ended up getting the stomach flu that my son had last Friday. Not fun. I am thankful that we had it then and not for the coming Christmas Holiday. It was a nasty one but now I am finally feeling like my old self again.
Too weak to knit and too dizzy to read which was a bummer cause I have several library books to finish up..or start eh hem, before I have to return them and wait another 6 months to check them out again.
But while I was sick I though a lot about people who are ill in hospitals or maybe at the end of their lives or suffering from terminal illnesses. While I was in the midst of my sickness as awful as it was I knew it was just temporary, thankfully.
Wishing peace to those who may be suffering from illness right now. The gift of heath is the greatest gift of all, one that I will not take for granted this holiday season. Sending blessings of health to you and your families!


Tessa said...

isn't it crazy how it sometimes takes us being laid out on our asses to appreciate good health? happens to me all the time.

gardenmama said...

I know just what you mean, thank you for sharing your heart Heidi you are beautiful. I am so glad you are all getting back to health. (This photo is stunning!!) xo

Mama Ash Grove said...

Oh Heidi, so sorry to hear you have all been sick! You are inspiring, the way you see the positive, feeling gratitude about the timing of it all, and how temporary it is- thinking of those who are much more seriously ill.
It is a good thing- healthy to the soul- to reflect like this and to feel how blessed you truly are!
I hope you continue to heal and feel better~
Much love Melanie

Mama Gone Green said...

What a gorgeous photo! You captured a rare moment of sunshine these days! Glad you are feeling better and excited to see you tomorrow!