Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Yarn Along:How many mitts can a knit Witte knit if a knit Witte could knit mitts?

Hello. Just checking in for the Yarn Along with Ginny at Small Things. I am still busy knitting fingerless mitts even though I promised myself I would stop by Thanksgiving. I am send off a batch for my friend to sell in her lovely waldorf craft shop and a few to sell here locally in town and in my Etsy shop.
Whew. So mindless and easy I can whip up a pair or two every knit when my kids are sleeping. I love mindless knitting so I can watch a movie at the same time. My last name is Witte and that little rhyme in my title goes through head constantly now. Maybe I am going a little loopy.
I am taking a break from knitting my sweater until after the holidays as I am contemplating trying to complete several knit gifts in time for Christmas. Several gifts, none of them I have even started. Am I nuts? Well, yes maybe a little. The super cold weather that has been trading off with warm dark days of pouring rain have made staying inside and crafting my way to stay sane lately, although I do miss hiking terribly. At least I am being productive I guess.
I am still reading Arcadia by Lauren Groff. It is lovely and I find myself reading into the very wee hours of the morning. It is very poetic story of a young boy growing up in a hippie commune. I have always liked the idea of living in such a place. As a stay at home mom with a husband who travels for work it sounds lovely to have other people around all the time,at times I feel very isolated. The self sufficiency of the commune also appeals to me. To have daily meaningful self sustaining chores sounds very satisfying and quite opposite of trendy city living and fighting over parking in the Whole Foods parking lots.That sounds pretty good to me at the moment since I am at the stage in the holidays where I truly loath city life and my trendy neighborhood. A cabin in the snow far up the mountains sounds lovely. Guess I am a bit of a hermit not meant for city life. As long as I have some yarn, I'm good.
What are you knitting and reading? Please join the Yarn Along to share what your knitting for the holidays.


Mama Gone Green said...

the mittens all look so cute together!

Angela said...

So productive!! They all look pretty darling!

DanielleB said...

I think I would love to live in a commune. I also love the idea of meaning productive work where all have to do something so all survive well.... As a believer, New Testament living sounds like a wonderful dream. In the US it would be seen as a cult....