Monday, May 2, 2011

Playing in the mountains....

spring2011 244

spring2011 241

spring2011 240

spring2011 243

spring2011 236

spring2011 237

spring2011 234

spring2011 235

I have been feeling a great need to get out of the city lately. Ben doesn't have weekends off so it makes it tricky for us to get too far out, on his days off Sophie is in school and we need to stick close to home. Luckily my Dad was up for a little day trip out in the mountains. I wouldn't really feel comfortable driving and hiking up there alone with the kids. I have a fear of John Cougar Melon Cougars...


Baby By The Sea said...

You need to get away from the city, I need to get away from the sea and into the mountains. Thanks for the trip -- looks so lovely. I dream of a lush green high above sea level.
Lovely images.

Anna said...

You are funny! I would be frightened by that kind of cougar as well. Here, I just worry about the Bear Naked Lady Bears! Peace and love. Anna