Monday, December 1, 2008

Could it be.... 11 months already?

Solomon has had quite the month. He has learned to sign "Light"and he is very proud of himself.We finally made it to the zoo where he had an intimate moment with an orangutan(see last Picture). He has a great sense of humor and a person must be careful not to leave any skin exposed within his reach because he will do his not so gentle "tickle tickle".Oh,and he gives raspberries too.
He is pulling up on furniture and trying to step off into the abyss on his own.I bet he will walk before he is a year old. Ah it is all so bittersweet, he is such a big boy now. He is our curious little man, always armed with his pointer finger,"Whazaah,whasssat?".
We love our little boy so much........

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