Sunday, June 1, 2008

Solomon(a.k.a. Kai Yugi) is 5 months!

I can't even believe it. I am trying to soak up every precious moment. He has made huge leaps in his abilities in this past month. I have seen him change before my eyes, he has gone from little baby, content to watch everything, to a baby plagued with wanderlust and curiosity.He is even "getting into trouble" already. He is eager to start each day which has left me exhausted.I wouldn't be surprised if I woke up one morning to him sitting by my side with a cup of tea ready saying,"Well mother, it is about time."

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Jody said...

Yes, teach him to make you tea -- that's brilliant! I guess we've been frittering away our time for the past year -- Henry's fifteen months old and hasn't brewed a single cup yet.

Your babies are beautiful.