Friday, December 14, 2007

Santa doesn't need money, he's magic.

Still here and awaiting our new blessing. I had to take some belly by the Christmas tree shots. As you can see I don't have much room left. I am not in any huge rush for the baby to get here.I have to finish my deep cleaning of the apartment first. My midwife will be out of town this weekend, so stay put little one. Once Nana arrives on Monday we will feel much better knowing Sophie will have someone to take care of her on birth day.
Sophie has always made Christmas special for us,but even more now that since she is getting older. She is so excited about everything. We got a tree from the stand down the street on Monday and Sophie decorates it and rearranges the ornaments everyday after school. I hope that if baby does come on his/her due date that they will wait until afternoon so I can be here with Sophie on Christmas morning.
Sophie is hoping for a Barbie Jeep (the kind that kids can ride in)...I told her Santa can't afford that kind of thing and she said, "Santa doesn't need money he's magic."

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Jody said...

Don't you think if you took Sophie into a store, and she explained it in person, the manager would melt and have to give her a Barbie Jeep? How could they not? It could be the end of capitalism as we know it!

Jody and I are thinking of you and your family. We can't wait to meet the little one.

-- Sharon