Friday, October 19, 2007

Naked Elderly Women and Cher

I try to make it to the community center at least a few times a week to swim laps in the morning while Sophie is at school. I also am there twice a week for Sophie's swimming lessons. It is always quite the scene, and I can't help leaving with a smile. Not because of all the naked elderly women who like to chat with me in the locker room (hey I should be used to seeing strangers naked after four years of art school) but because there is always a water aerobics class going on. In the beginning of the week a elderly women teaches the class and humps the air while yelling "Pulse,pulse,pulse,pulse" and blasts a funk compilation CD with such treasures as "She's a Brick House" and some Jackson Five.
Then today a tall gangley older man taught the Senior Water aerobics class while blasting Cher(techno style) all morning. I have swallowed quite a bit of pool water laughing while I swim.
Ahh, good times.
It is probably a good thing I have no photo for this post...

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